Credits Info



We currently require 134 credits for graduation from our undergraduate studies and our master’s programs usually consists of 24 credit hours of coursework plus a thesis completed in four semesters or two years. A regular semester (Spring: From March - June, Fall: September - December) lasts 16 weeks.

Credits and Class Hours

    • One credit

      • 16 in-class contact hours = 50 minutes of a regular course or 100 minutes of a lab course/ over a period of no less than two weeks.

    • A single class with 3 HUFS credits = 48 hours of class time.

    • 12 credits per semester = 192 hours of time spent in class*.

      • *This does not include any study work spent outside of the lecture/lab period.

Semester Course Load

Undergraduate Students

    • 18 HUFS credits are the very maximum we can allow for exchange and visiting students to take during one semester, but the average regular undergraduate student at HUFS will take between 15 to 17 HUFS credits in order to graduate in 8 semesters with 134 credits.

    • Exchange students do not have a minimum credit hour requirement - only the maximum applies.

Graduate Students

    • Graduate exchange and visiting students can take a maximum of 12 HUFS credits in graduate-level classes. Due to the nature of adjusting to a new academic environment, we usually recommend our exchange and visiting students to take 12 HUFS credits a semester, with a minimum of 9 HUFS credits.

Intensive Korean Program Students

    • Students solely enrolled in the intensive Korean language program are not required to take regular semester courses, but can take up to a maximum of 9 HUFS credits.

    • The intensive Korean language program does not offer HUFS credits, but rather offers 200 hours of language instruction. Exchange and visiting students should work with their home universities to determine how they may transfer those hours into their own universities' credits.

HUFS Grading Scale

Regular Semester Course performance is graded on the following 100- point scale

    • A+ 100-95

    • Ao 94-90

    • B+ 89-85

    • Bo 84-80

    • C+ 79-75

    • Co 74-70

    • D+ 69-65

    • Do 64-60

    • F 59 - 0