Getting to HUFS 

Public Transportation

How to get to HUFS 

Seoul Campus

By Train/Subway to Seoul STation

Express Train

There are two ways to get to Seoul Station. The “EXPRESS TRAIN” goes to Seoul Station directly and is non-stop, takes about 43 minutes, and costs KRW 8,000.

Regular Train

The “REGULAR TRAIN” has 11 stops before arriving at Seoul Station, takes about one hour and costs KRW 4,250.

From Seoul Station


From Seoul Station, you can take a taxi to Hankuk of Foreign Studies. You can tell the taxi driver “한국외국어대학교 가주세요” [Hankuk-way-gook-oh-dae-hak-yo ka-jusaeyo] which means please take me to HUFS. It will cost around KRW 15,000.


Transfer to subway line 1 (Dark Blue Line) and ride the train that is headed in the direction of Yeoncheon [연천].

Once you get on, make sure to get off at Hankuk of Foreign Studies station (외대앞).

Airport Limousine Bus

Once you are out of the airport, you will want to exit out of the main exit doors. As you exit, you will see the platform for airport buses. You want to say, “ Can I get a ticket to Cheongnyangni station (청량리) (청량리 가는 티켓 사고 싶어요)” . 

The ticket should look like this (MAKE SURE THE NUMBER IS 6002)

The station that you are getting off will be the last one. From there, you can either take Line 1 subway or take a taxi  The taxi fee should be around KRW 5,000 and take about 10 minutes.

If you still are having trouble with the bus, please click on this link.

Come see us!

Please visit the Office of International Admissions & Management (국제입학관리팀) at Historical Building Room 102, when you arrive at HUFS.

How to get to HUFS

Global Campus

Global Campus

Come see us!

Please visit the Office of International Admissions & Management (국제입학관리팀) at Centennial Complex 2 floor Room 204, when you arrive at HUFS.