Frequently Asked Questions


How long is my visa valid for?

Regardless of whether you apply for an exchange for four, six, 10, or 12 months, Immigration will issue you one of two validity periods AFTER registering with Immigration:

  • 4/6 Month Exchange Visa from the Korean Embassy = 6 month visa period from Immigration

  • 10/12 Month Exchange Visa from the Korean Embassy = 12 month visa period from Immigration

The document from the Embassy stating the visa period is only for entry purposes - you will get a different validity time (as stated above) once you register with Immigration.

MY ARC says the Expiratation date is XX but HUFS says differently?

You will receive either six or 12 months validity from Immigration after registering and getting your ARC card. When your semester (i.e., your study period) ends, we are obliged to report this to Immigration. You normally have two weeks to leave Korea once we report the end-of-study date. For example, if you wish to go home early in the middle of your exchange, we will report the end of the study period when you leave. If you finish the semester, we report the end of the study period at the end of the semester.

The extra time is given for administrative purposes and real-life events and plan changes, as well as to facilitate entering and leaving the Korea with ample time and reduce paperwork.

Can I switch from a D-2-6 (Exchange) to a D-4 (Language CEnter) Visa?

Only if you physically leave Korea and re-enter. There is no way to change without doing so.

What is the longest I can have an exchange student visa for?

12 months.

Can I switch from an Exchange student visa to a visiting student visa (or vice versa)?

Yes - this can be done.