HUFS Housing

NON-DORMITORY Housing Options

Sometimes, unfortunately, it is not possible to place students in our dormitories since there is not enough space. While we do not provide assistance with alternative housing options, we have gathered some information on options to give students an idea of what a) the types of housing options available in Korea are, and b) ones that are near Seoul Campus.

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) does not officially endorse any of the following companies. Information provided is based solely on publicly available information. Please ask questions and do research before reserving a room at any of the accommodations listed below. HUFS is not responsible for problems that arise in relation to independently arranged housing. All prices are estimates.

Borderless House

    • Live with local Korean people and other internationals 18-35 years old

    • Monthly rent estimate: 350-500,000 KRW/month, plus utilities (50-70,000 KRW)

    • Initial Fee: 800,000 KRW (management fee and deposit, due within 2 days of reservation)

    • Bedding rental: 55,000 KRW

    • Rent and utilities for the first month must be paid at move-in

    • Minimum stay of 30 days; make a 1 year contract, then cancel within 30 days of moving out

    • Screening process after making a reservation

    • Common space includes air conditioner, TV, washing machine, and full kitchen

    • Individual rooms: bed, desk, chair, storage for clothing, bookshelf, desk light, and garbage bin

    • Residents clean the house together

    • No curfew

    • No overnight guests

    • Dongdaemun/Seongbuk Area is the closest to HUFS

Blessing in Seoul

    • Near Hoegi Station (one subway stop from HUFS)

    • 24 hour front desk

    • Free wifi

    • Most rooms include TV, air conditioning, shower, and refrigerator

    • Double and triple rooms available


    • More expensive than other options, but may be a good choice if you want to room with 1-2 other students.

    • Triple Room: 465,000 KRW/month (per person)

    • Shared maintenance fees: 127-136,000 KRW/month

    • Shared utility and internet fees: 50-100,000 KRW/month

    • Deposit: one month’s rent, returned at checkout

    • Sink, gas range, and washing machine included

YaKorea Hostel Dongdaemun

    • Shared common room

    • Free wifi

    • Single rooms will be too expensive (around 30,000 KRW/night), but dormitory beds available in mixed and female-only rooms starting at 10,000 KRW/night (300,000 KRW/month)

    • May be possible to book long-term stay by contacting the hostel directly


Run by a HUFS student:

  • housing informtation specialized HUFS area.

  • goshiwon, sharehouse, single studio, airbnb information near HUFS.


    • Small rooms, relatively inexpensive.

    • Very common option for local Korean students.

    • 가나안 고시텔 (Cana-an Goshitel) +82-02-960-2700

    • 샤인빌 고시텔 (Shine Building Goshitel) +82-02-959-6060


    • You may be able to find affordable homes to stay in during your studies.

    • Look for homes in the Dongdaemun area.