APplying for your ARC card

HUFS Visa Agency

We partner with a visa agency that will visit HUFS campus where you can submit your ARC application. This service, however, costs a fee of 20,000 KRW (plus the 30,000 KRW application fee). They come to campus two to three times during September/March. This is both convenient for students, as well as the Immigration Offices since there are THOUSANDS of students all arriving at the same time. You can, of course, also visit the Immigration Office independently - it is relatively simple to do. See directions below. 


It is recommended to use HUFS Visa Agency since it can be very difficult to secure a reservation to go to Immigration and apply directly. 

In the case of using the Agency, you do NOT need to request a Certificate of Current Enrollment from HUFS. The agency will provide us a list of students who applied for the ARC card, and we will print these out and provide them to the agency directly.

Making a Reservation

For more efficient service, it is required to make an appointment on the Immigration Office's website:

To better understand how to make an online reservation, we have prepared a video below to show you what the process looks like. The current website may vary slightly from the video, however. Further, this video shows you how to login if you already have an ARC card and are a "member". For new applications, please choose "non-member" and choose "passport" as your method of identification.

You can only make a reservation after entering Korea.

For a more detailed guide, please see Hello, HUFS!, our student guidebook.

Fingerprint Scanning

During your appointment, you will also be given a receipt to have your fingerprints scanned.

You will need to re-visit the Immigration Office on that date with your receipt and passport. Since this date is determined for you from your first appointment, there you do not need to make another reservation.

OR, Immigration office staff may visit our university in person to assist with fingerprint registration for students. Since this is not done every year, we encourage you to regularly check your university staff's emails each semester.

Immigration Offices for HUFS' Students

Sejong Immigration Office

Seoul Campus Students

The Sejong Immigration Office (which services HUFS students at Seoul Campus) is located on the same subway line as HUFS at Jonggak station. It is located about 20 minutes away; the building is directly in front of exit 6 - please see the map the right.

Suwon Immigration Office

Global Campus Students

The Suwon Immigration Office (which services HUFS students at Global Campus) is located at Yeongtong (영통) Station on the Suwon-Incheon Line. It is located about 10 minutes away from the station. Please use exit 6 and follow the map.