Special & Restricted Courses

Class Limits for Exchange Students

Business College Course Restrictions

As of January 30, 2020

The Office of International Admissions and Management was informed as of late January 2020 that courses from the Business College are under going additional restrictions for registration. These new restrictions are:

Exchange students will be unable to register for classes from the Business College during Round 1, and can ONLY try to register for these classes during Round 2 the first week of the semester ONLINE

If you examine the Business College's course list in the Course Finder, you will see additional information in the Note section:

24학번 신입생 대상(신청기간은 신입생만/ 변경기간 설명 학부홈페이지 반드시 참고 요망)

1전공자 우선수강 (신청기간은 1전공만/ 변경기간 설명 학부홈페이지 반드시 참고 요망)

Special Courses

Graduate/"Major" Courses

You will need individual permission and a signature from the professor teaching these courses. Therefore, you can only register for these courses during the 2nd round of course registration after you arrive in Korea. You cannot register for these online.

Students interested in taking KOREA-related courses

TOPIK 1, 2, 3 Level Students

TOPIK 4, 5, 6 Level Students

Restricted Schools/Colleges/Divisions

Exchange/Visiting Students are not allowed to take courses in the following:

Communicative language Course Restrictions

Communicative Languages (Liberal Arts - Practical Foreign Languages)

What does this mean?

This means that you are restricted from taking language-learning classes in your native language as it can make the class too difficult for local HUFS students who are second-language learners. For example, if your native language is German, you will not be allowed to take Beginner German, or Basic German Conversation.

Major Restricted Courses

Each department can decide to restrict some (or all) of its classes by "major". That is only degree-students in this major at HUFS are allowed to take these courses. Even if a professor wants to give you permission to take these courses, the department will not allow it. Some times towards the end of the second round of registration, if there is room left in courses, the departments will remove this restriction but this is NOT guaranteed at all.

There is usually a notice for this in the Course Finder in the right most column.