Frequently Asked Questions

Course Registration F.A.Q.

WHen is the semester course list available?

The "list" of available courses only starts being ready around one month for the semester starts, right before early-bird course registration.  When you are filling out your online application, you are just adding classes that you are interested in taking (this is just a proposal for informational purposes). What you actually end up registering for will depend on what is offered, the amount of space in the class, how you can fit all of your classes into one schedule, etc.

Why does it say that only 4th-year students can register for a specific course?

Regular HUFS students can register only on the days designated for their years. Exchange students, however, can register every day of this week. We will change your status each day of the registration period so that you can register every day, Monday-Friday. 

Today is Year "X" Registration Day but I am year "Y": What do I do?

Just let us know by email; it's a simple mistake.

I keep getting a pop-up that says "major-only." Why can't I register?

If you get this pop-up, it means that the class is restricted to HUFS major students. You cannot register for this online and will need to do so offline during the 2nd round of course registration by asking the instructors directly for permission. Registration for these courses is not guaranteed; please have backup options! See the Course Registration section for more information.

Some MAJOR ONLY courses are restricted regardless of an instructor's willingness to let you join their class. This is a departmental decision and cannot be superseded by the OIAM or the instructor of the class. There are notes for this in Korean in the Course Finder.

Why are there only 2 or 3 slots available for the class I want to take? 

The class slots open on the first day of the registration period are only for 4th-year students. You may find more slots available on the following 3rd-year student day and then again on Wednesday for 2nd-year students. We recommend checking every day to see if new slots open. Monday to Thursday the slots are LIMITED to give priority to these years. Friday is when it is full, open registration.

If a course says "0/0" (or null), this means an instructor has not been assigned to a course and no one can register for it yet. 

I am a graduate student, Why can't I register for Graduate classes?

Similar to "major" classes, you have to register for graduate classes in person when you are on campus the first week of the semester. Please have a backup plan as well since spots are not guaranteed. Nevertheless, spaces in graduate classes typically are not a problem unlike undergraduate classes.

OKAY, I need to ask for permission, but how can I find out the e-mail address of a teacher?

It can be difficult to register for classes when you need permission, and often you might miss a class that only meets once a week. You can contact professors in advance to begin asking for permission, even if you have to wait until the 2nd round of course registration. The easiest way to search for HUFS faculty is through E-Class or Google.

This is more complicated now, however, due to COVID-19 and face-to-face/online delivery. Please consult with the OIAM.

Login to HUFS Web Information System (WIS: )

After you are logged in, you can open the course syllabuses and see the email addresses of the instructors on our Google Site or Homepage. See the video on the "How to Register" page.


You can log into E-Class (using your student ID and password) to get a professor's email address off the syllabus. After logging in, click on the "Edu Status" link on the left side of the page. You can search for your classes here, but some of the search parameters are only in Korean unfortunately.


Yes, simply copy and paste the professor's name+HUFS in Google and you will often get a link directly to their department homepage which will have their email address (sometimes a lot faster than E-Class).

Ask Us

We can easily look up faculty contact using the Mobile Campus app - the ability to search for faculty contact information is unfortunately only allowed for employees at this time. Just be sure to give us their exact name.

How do I know if the class is taught in English? 

Please look for the "V" designating the class as taught in a foreign language (in the registration website, you will see an "F" for Foreign Language). 

If the class is not area studies-related (i.e. taught in Chinese, Spanish, etc), it will be taught in English. Always check the syllabus, just to be sure.  If there is no “V,” that course is taught in Korean. Sometimes, there are mistakes and English-language classes are not marked with a V either - please let us know so we can check with the Department the class is from.

Where are English-language Taught classes concentrated?

You can find classes, which are taught in English, mostly in the following departments/majors:

Please keep in mind that most international students (i.e., degree-seeking students) at HUFS take classes taught in Korean.

Please see the English-Taught Courses page for more detailed information.

I tried to register but I get this error every time“[Failed] Forgery of session values! Please log in again in": What do I do?

This means you need to clear your browser cache and then login again.

I try to open the registration page during the registration period but keep getting some kind of error: What do I do?

When the registration period opens, there are thousands of students trying to register for classes all at once. Because of the massive amounts of web traffic, the server will often crash or be unavailable. You have to keep trying to login throughout the day and register for classes.

I want to drop a course - How can I do it?

You can only drop undergraduate courses during:

Please see our student guidebook for a more detailed overview:

Where can I find the General Elective courses?

In the Course Finder, but using a different menu to search - see the photo for the button on the left, the the location in the menu that says "외국인을 위한 한국학(서울)".

Is there a minimum/maximum credit load for exchange students?

There is NO minimum. The maximum, however, is 18 credits.

I got permission from an instructor, when can I register?

The first week of the semester during the second round of registration (assuming the department lets instructors override enrollment limitations on exchange students). You need to complete the Permission Form (see How to Register) and send us the requested information along with your proof-of-permission from the instructors (combine everyting as a single PDF file). 

We will try to register you for those classes and let you know if we are able to or not. It is possible, of course, that even with permission, it is not possible to add you to a class for a number of reasons such as space limits, restrictions by the department, etc.

I want to add courses to my wish list  - but it won't let me - what do I do?

The wish list doesn't open until a day or two before registration starts.