Seoul Global Center

Cost: Free/Minor (e.g., textbook fee)

Korean language education general class

  • Providing customized Korean language education for foreign residents by level

  • 3 semesters per year, 36 classes in total (8 levels)

Korean language education general class

  • Prepare for TOPIK and strengthen students’ employment ability

  • 3 semesters a year, 18 classes in total (beginner, intermediate, advanced)

Korean language education special class

  • Advanced Korean speaking, writing, communication, etc.

  • 3 semesters a year, 6 classes in total

Survival Korean: Language and Culture Online

Cost: Varies by course, tutoring options

  • Asynchronous online courses

  • 1:1 Tutoring/TOPIK Tutoring

  • Small Group Tutoring

A variety of online courses in beginner Korean topics (Hangul, History of Korea, Grammar Basics, etc.) and tutoring available from a PhD student at HUFS.