Required Documents

ARC Application

Required Documents

In order to apply for your ARC, you will need to following items. Some of them you already have such as your passport, however, other documents you will need to get from our office.

1. Certificate of Current Enrollment

You can pick this document up at the Office of International Admissions and Management when you show us proof that you have reserved an appointment at the Immigration Office.

2. Confirmation of Residence

We will give this to HUFS dorm residents. If you plan to arrange or have arranged your own housing, you will also need to bring your housing contract and a copy of your landlord's ID.

3. ARC Application Form

You can also download a copy from the Immigration Office's website, or pick up a copy in our office, or get one at the Immigration Office itself. (Download a copy)

4. Passport Information Page

Make sure your passport photo copy is clear and easy to read. Bring with your passport as well just in case you need it.

5. Confirmation of Visa Issuance

Similar to your passport information page, make sure the photocopy is clear and easy to see. Bring with your passport just in case.

6. 3.5X4.5 ID Card Photo

This is a standard passport photo that meets international standards. This will be your photo on your ARC.

7. Reservation Receipt

Your reservation receipt from

8. ARC Application Fee

The application fee is 30,000 KRW or about 30 USD.