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Registration Portal

Go to > click on the “Course Registration” button outlined in red - see photo.

HUFS Main Homepage

Or visit the main page and click on the blue circle on the left). 

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Add Courses to your Wishlist

You cannot access the Wish List feature until the Friday prior to registration starts. Further, please keep in mind that adding a course to your wish list is only 50% of the process; you need to actually try to complete the registration when the registration period starts in the Registration Portal.

*The Wish List and Registration Portal ARE NOT THE SAME PAGE.


Register for Courses

English Tutorial

한국어 튜토리얼

Check the Student Portal

Student Portal (Web Information System)

Web Information System

How to Login

ID: Check your student ID card for your student ID number (e.g., 202385XX)

Password: Date of birth (YYYYMMDD)

On the Portal, you can: