Finding Classrooms

Getting around Campus

course classroom numbers

You class room numbers are a combination of:

    • Building number

    • Floor

    • Room number

During the first week of classes, please arrive early for your classes, so you can find the correct room and avoid being late.

Seoul Campus

The buildings listed below are the most common places where you will attend classes. Please note that the Historical Archives Building/Minerva Complex are technically the same building, despite having two building numbers on the campus map. The basement levels (B1 and B2) have classrooms.

Building Number







B1, B2


Building Name

Main Building

Humanities Building

Institute of Teaching and Learning Development

Social Sciences Building

Law School

Graduate School

HUFS Historical Archives/Minerva Complex

Cyber Building

Example 1

Classroom 1507

1 + 5 + 07

bldg floor room

Humanities Building, 5th Floor, Room 7

Example 2

Classroom 01202

0 + 12 + 02

bldg floor room

Main Building, 12th Floor, Room 2