Residence card (RC)

Alien Registration Card (ARC)

Residence Card (RC)

All international students staying in Korea MUST apply for a Residence Card. The RC works as both an ID card and multiple entry-permit card (like a visa) to Korea. It is required to process most paperwork in Korea including any medical or health related procedures.

Please find and read the information to which applies for you.

Studying One Regular Semester

Regular Semester AND Winter/Summer Intensive Korean Session/ISS Program

Temporary Extension

Upon the completion of studies for all international students, a report will be made by the university to the immigration office. This report is usually made two weeks after the last day of each semester. From then, students will have TWO WEEKS to depart Korea. However if students wish to extend their stay, students may apply for a temporary extension . You can submit a petition to the Immigration Office online (Immigration Office Website) to extend your stay a specific number of days with proof of a one-way outbound airplane ticket, and the reason for needing more time. The Immigration Office will approve or deny the request.

Change of Residence

Any change in residence whilst in Korea must be reported to the nearest district office aka community center, or the immigration office at Sejongno. This report must be made within 14 days and if not, a fine will be charged.

Required Items