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There are two rounds of course registration at HUFS. Registering for courses is very competitive and preference is given to seniors and juniors, as well as classes that belong to a major for students who are majoring in a given subject. During the first round of registration, each day has a priority designation for students. During round two (i.e., the first week of the semester), everyone can register each day.

Exchange/Visiting Students

We will change your "year" status every day of the week to provide you with as many options to register as possible. There are limited spaces available, however, on Days 1-4 since this is early priority registration. Do not be "shocked" if there are only a few seats made available - that is the purpose of early priority registration! This is not the same as genearl registration on Day 5 or during the first week of the semester.

Day 1

4th (Senior) year students

Day 2

3rd (Junior) year students

Day 3

2nd (Sophomore) year students

Day 4

1st (Freshman) year students

Day 5

Years 4-1 all students

Spring 2023 Semester Course Delivery Method

Updated 8/29/2022

Full In-Person Classes in Principle

  • For courses with students who are unable to attend classes in person (including those diagnosed with positive for COVID-19 and international students who cannot return to Korea), classes will be held both in person and via a live-stream online delivery format (mirroring). Courses without such students will only hold in-person classes.

Course Type/Course Load

  • Course transition to online format will be allowed only when an Application for Transition to Online Delivery Format is submitted and approved by the Dean of Academic Affairs in the following cases:

  1. (After the course change period) Courses with over 60 students enrolled and actually attending; or

  2. Courses deemed inevitably requiring a transition to an online delivery format because a substantial number of enrolling students are international students who cannot return to the campus due to visa or flight issues

Additional Information

  • If a course is transitioned to an online delivery format after the above approval process, each class should be conducted via a live-stream online delivery format (e.g., WebEx, Zoom, or Google Meet) or using other real-time academic activities (e.g., lecturer-created video recordings, group activities, or Q&A sessions) for 50 minutes after the real-time electronic attendance check (via QR codes or other tools). Online classes will be conducted on the same date and at the same time as originally scheduled for in-person classes.

Course List Availability

Spring Semester

    • The course lists will start being populated with classes in January. The list will mostly be ready for the first round of course registration in February.

Fall Semester

    • The course lists will start being populated with classes in July. The list will mostly be ready for the first round of course registration in August.

Registration dates

1st Round Registration

    • February 6 -10, 2023

    • 10am-3pm, Korea Standard Time

    • One month before the Semester

2nd Round Registration

    • March 2-8, 2023 (except weekends)

    • 10am-4pm, Korea Standard Time

    • First week of the Semester

Finding Your STUDENT ID (Exchange Students ONLY)

Nomination/Application Website

If you log back into the application portal, click on:

    • For Students

        • Red Arrow

    • HUFS Registration Status

        • Red Box

You can find your student ID and password in the orange box at the top, and a direct link to the course registration site at the bottom. We will send you an email letting you know when it is available.

Registration Preparation

Registering for classes (especially undergraduate classes) is a highly competitive process! Therefore, most students are unable to enroll in all of their classes of choice. We ask that you be flexible and select multiple course options prior to registering (in other words, you need to have a plan B). Use the buttons below to search for upcoming courses at the Seoul or Global campus, as well as search using the Course Finder.

The official course lists will be available in either late February (Spring semester) or late July (Fall semester)

We will review the registration process during the New Student Orientation.

Where are English-language Taught classes concentrated?

You can find classes, which are taught in English, mostly in the following departments/majors:

  • English for International Communication and Conferences (EICC)

  • English Linguistics and Language Technology (ELLT)

  • Department of English Education

  • Division of International Studies (DIS)

  • College of Business (significant registration restrictions exist)

  • Department of International Economics and Law

Please keep in mind that most international students (i.e., degree-seeking students) at HUFS take classes taught in Korean.

See this page for an approximation of what these courses are.

How can I find the general elective courses?

In the Course Finder, but using a different menu to search - see the photo for the button on the left, the the location in the menu that says "외국인을 위한 한국학(서울)".

Important Notes

It is ideal to secure your courses before you come to Korea, but if you do not get the courses you want during the first round of registration, please do not worry! You will have another chance to register during Round 2.

Many courses are restricted during the 1st round to ensure that local HUFS students get the courses they need for their majors (especially business courses). Please see the FAQ section about professor email addresses (see video below as well) and search for your professors contact information to get a head start.

Course Registration by Email

If you prefer to register for your courses using the OIAM, please do the following steps:

    1. Attend the classes that you like and/or email the professors of the classes you are interested in.

    2. Talk with the professors and get their signature on your registration form. This signature can be digital or a screenshot of their email attached to the form is also acceptable.

    3. Come to the International Office/email the form to for enrollment processing.

Please be aware that there are limited seats, and spots are on a first come, first served basis. You CANNOT register "Courses in College of Business" with this form!

Also, getting the professor’s signature is not a guarantee that we can place you in the class. There still may be restrictions based on majors/departments as well as limits on class size.

Download a copy of the form (click here).

Once we have this from you, we can try to register you in these courses during the first week of the semester only - do not send this to us one month before the semester starts!

How to Get Instructor Contact Info


Login to HUFS Web Information System (WIS: )

After you are logged in, you can open the course syllabuses and see the email address of the instructors in our Google Site or Homepage.

Watch the video to see how this works.


Although the WIS home page looks identical to the Course Registration Page - these two are NOT the same places to login for getting instructor contact information off the syllabus.