Frequently Asked Questions


When will I find out about my dormitory application?

Seoul Campus Students

Dormitory assignments are not made until the current semester ends! Only after current students have moved out can we start figuring out how many rooms are available. We will make dormitory assignments about 1 month before the start of the semester (either late July or late January), and we will send you an email with the information. Globall Hall residents will also receive an invoice to pay about one month prior to the start of the semester. Other dormitories must be paid the first week of the semester by wire transfer in Korea.

Global Campus Students

The above information is generally the same although there is only one dorm option at Global Campus.

Can I check in to the dormitory early?

The short answer is "no". There is no early check in for any of our dormitories. Technically speaking, exchange student check in is "early" check in as regular HUFS students are only allowed to check in over the weekend a few days later.

Can I choose my roommate?

We will send out a form by email asking if you have any roommate preference a couple months before the semester begins when we are working on dormitory assignments. While we try our best to accommodate requests, we cannot guarantee any particular roommate request.

How do I pay for the dorm?

We only accept wire transfers for dorm payments. This is a very common way to pay for goods and services in Korea. You can wire money from your bank account in your home country to the bank account we provide you. Or, if you have brought cash intending to pay the dorm fee, you can visit our bank on campus (Woori Bank) and they can assist you in making a payment to our bank account number by wiring it to HUFS on your behalf. You will get a receipt that you can bring to our office as proof-of-payment.

You can also easily use the wire payment service, Wise -

When do/can I pay for the dorm?

This varies slightly by dormitory but the first week of the semester - this is stated on the dorm application that you filled out:

"4. You must pay your dormitory fee during the first week of each semester or vacation term and if you fail to make timely payments, your contract may be terminated."

Do I need an X-ray test for TB for the dorms?

For Globee Dorm, yes, 100%! The International Houses will accept other tests but the X-ray is accepted at ALL dorms. 

What is available in the dorms?

You need to bring your own bedding (sheets/blankets, pillows, etc.) for the dorm, or buy them after you arrive.

How can I sign up for Global Hall?

Globall Hall

This dorm is not currently available to exchange students. Thus, you will not find any options for it in our application system, the dorm application, or in our guidebook.

What is the dorm Refund Policy?

International House A/C/E

These dorms are managed by the OIAM. The refund policy is announced at the beginning of the semester by each dorm manager.

Globee Dorm

Globee Dorm is managed by, well, GlobeeDorm. At the start of the semester you should move out within one week if you do not like it.

If you have stayed longer than one week, it is almost impossible to get any kind of refund barring some exceptional circumstances. Please consider applying to stay in GlobeeDorm very carefully. Rather, we recommend applying for the International Houses since these are directly managed by our Office, or simply finding your own accomodations for the duration of your stay at HUFS.

What are the dorm check out dates?

The check out dates are basically the exact same as the end of the semester - i.e., the last day of the exam week. For Spring, this is usually around June 20-21 and for Fall, this is usually December 20-21.