Pre-Arrival Timeline


You can expect the follow events to occur as generally outline below. If you haven't received a confirmation or certain piece of information, please contact us at to confirm.

November 2022 - January 2023

    • HUFS will send your exchange coordinator an admission packet by DHL if hard copies are required by the local Korean Embassy/Consulate. Otherwise, we will ONLY send a PDF if scans are acceptable. This is increasinly common at most of the Korean Embassies (thankfully!).

    • We will send you an email with a copy as well as tracking information if applicable.

    • Contact the local Korean Embassy/Consulate to see if they require additional documents that you must provide in addition to the ones that HUFS provides you (such as bank statements - these are not requirements of HUFS, however).

    • Take the admission packet and any other documents requested to the nearest Korean embassy and apply for a D-2-6 visa.

    • Search for and/or purchase flights.

    • Join the HUFS Facebook group for exchange and visiting students.

January 2023 - February 2023

February 2023

    • Seoul Campus

        • Monday February 27th or Tuesday February 28th (TBD)

        • Time TBD

        • Cyber Building, 1st Floor, Grand Hall

    • Global Campus

        • Friday, Februarty 24th, 2023

        • 11:00 am

        • Centennial Building, 2nd Floor, Room 209