Frequently Asked Questions

General F.A.Q.

When do I find out my student ID number?

We will issue these numbers about a week before early-bird course registration starts. You can find it in the application portal - see a photo of this in the Course Registration Page, but we will also email you with this information directly as well.

When will I get my student ID card?

Since you sent us your ID photo as a part of your application, we will create your student ID card before the semester starts and hand them out to you during New Student Orientation.

Why can't I log in to HUFS PortalS with my exchange application ID and PW?

You can only log into the course registration with your new HUFS student ID (202085XXX). You will see your student ID on the exchange application portal about one month before the semester starts, and right before the first round of course registration. We will send you an email to notify you when it is ready, along with instructions on how to find it in the Application portal.

How do I log on to campus wifi?

Seoul Campus

On campus, our wifi network is:

    • Hufs_Seoul or Hufs_Global

When logging on for the first time, you will be asked to enter a security key for the Wifi - the security key is also "hufs_seoul"- please note the lowercase letters!

    • There is another network, Hufs_Seoul_HELP/Hufs_Global_HELP which has a guide for doing this, but it is only in Korean

Now when you choose Hufs_Seoul/Hufs_Global as your Wifi again, you should get a pop up window that asks you for your username and password.

These are your:

    • Student ID Number (202085XXX)

    • Password-the default password is your date of birth (YYYYMMDD).

Which airport should I fly into?

This depends to a small degree on what country you are coming from. For the vast majority of travelers coming from outside of Asia or neighboring countries, you should book your flights in/out from Incheon International Airport (ICN). From countries such as China or Japan, it's possible to book flights to Gimpo International Airport (GMP). HUFS' airport pick up service only services Incheon International Airport.

When does the school year start (i.e., first semester) in Korea?

The first semester of the academic year in Korea is in Spring from March to June. The second semester runs from September to December.