Frequently Asked Questions

Application F.A.Q.

What is the application deadline?

Spring Entry

August 1 - October 30

Fall Entry

February 1 to April 30

Regardless of the date that is written in our automated email, these two periods are always the same for the application deadline. These never, ever change! This information is not only written in our pre-arrival guide, this information is the EXACT same in our fact sheet, and our Coordinator Guide!

My application won't save-what do I do?

This happens for numerous reasons - but it's an issue with security/firewall settings on your computer or network. If this happens, please send us ( the application information by TEXT so we can copy and paste it directly into our database for you. Please do NOT take pictures and send those.

I CANNOT find course for the upcoming semester-what do I do?

This is answered in the Course Registration FAQ and explained in various other sections of this guide. You are NOT registering for courses; you are being asked to make a list of courses that you are interested in taking, that's it. There is no way to know 6 months in advance what courses are being offered exactly, let alone whether or not there are even spaces in those courses, the time they are offered, if they are available in Korean/English (or both), and if they have any restrictions or not. 

You simply have to look at previous semester courses and write down ones that interest you. That's it. It is just a proposal. It has nothing to do with what are able to register for later in the semester.

I saved my Application, but CANNOT save it as a PDF-What do I do?

You have pop ups blocked in your browser - please enable them for the site in your address bar (most likely place to see the message saying it was blocked).

I saved my application - but where is the form to submit my documents?

We are not awake 24 hours per day and live in only one time zone sadly. Further, we also generally do not work on the weekends or national holidays, etc. Thus, depending on when you actually submit the online application, it will take some time to review it. Please factor in the timezone and day of the week before sending an email asking about it.

Once we review the application, we will provide the directions for submitting your documents in the application status. Of course, the link for the Google Form for doing this is also located in the pre-arrival guide (and even our Coordinator Guide).

In my country, [test] is not done or hard to do-What do I do?

There are many vaccination programs for hepatitis or tuberculosis, as well as certain tests that are more easily done than others. You can do the form in Korea when you arrive - it's not really a big deal - it's quick, cheap, and there is a campus conveniently located in front of our campus.

I am having a hard time with the dorm health form-what do I do?

You can actually complete this form in Korea after you arrive. There is a clinc right in front of our campus (about a one minute walk from our office) where you can do this for about 30,000 KRW, and should take about 10 minutes. It's that easy!

I don't have a valid passport - what do I do?

First, you need to renew your passport! However, you can write that your passport is being rewened on the application. In the field that says "Passport Number", simply write "being renewed". It's that simple. Morover, there are directions on our Document Submission Form for how to fill out information about your passport if it is being renewed. It's all pretty straightforward and easy - nothing will prevent you from filling out the application!

I have all my documents except the health form-what do I do?

Submit them! You can turn in the health form later, at any time really. Remember, not all students stay in the dorm, so they don't have to submit them. The health form is NOT related to admissions; it is only for when you check in to the dormitory. Just bring with the original copy of the form to hand in.

Passport Validity - How long is a "valid" passport?

You need a passport that has AT LEAST 6 months of validity to even travel to Korea, whether for tourism, business, or study.

Further, you need a passport that will cover ALL of your exchange. Otherwise, Immigration will only grant you an ARC validity for the length of your passport validity. You cannot finish your semester if you do not have a valid ARC, right? It is MUCH, MUCH, MUCH easier to renew your passport in your home country than it is to renew it at your local Embassy or Consulate Korea - trust us on this. Moreover, you would need to update Immigration with your new passport (if you renewed it in Korea) number within two weeks - otherwise they WILL 100% fine you. These types of Immigration rule violations can prevent you from renewing your visa later if you need to, or getting one in the future if you ever want to return to Korea to study, work, etc.

You also might consider extending your exchange beyond a single semester, thus you should realistically have at least one year or more of validity on your passport. If you do not, we will check your passport expiration date

WHY is HUFS Requiring Financial documents?

HUFS is not the party requiring financial documents for your exchange - the Ministry of Justice (i.e., Immigration) requires all students to submit (to the univeristy) proof of finances following the length of their exchanges in order to a) be issued a Letter of Acceptance/Certificate of Admission from HUFS.

This amount must be in a bank account (i.e., a savings account/checking account) in your or your parents' names. Your last names must match or you need to also submit to HUFS a document showing the family relationship. This statement will be requested around the time that we start issuing the Certificates of Admission as your statement must be issued within 30 days of the Certificate's issuance date.

By submitting proof of this amount (when requested on the application), you are improving the chance of your visa application approval.

The Exchange Visa Lengths

As of Fall 2022, Immigration has changed their validity period policy (Immigration ultimately decides the validity length) for D-2-6 applicants as shown below:

Why does the application say I am registered for the ISS instead of the regular semester Exchange Program?

This is a known bug in our application system - rest assured there is nothing to worry about, you are registered for the regular semester exchange program.