Alien Registration

Alien Registration Card (ARC)


Your Alien Registration Card (ARC) will be valid only during your exchange period. Even though your ARC expiration date may be longer than your final semester, we will cancel your visa when your classes are finished

Regular Semester

Regular Semester + Winter/Summer Intensive Korean Session/ISS Program

You can also submit a petition to the Immigration Office online ( to extend your stay a specific number of days when your final study period is over if you want to travel in Korea (or around Asia and leave from Korea) with proof of a one-way outbound airplane ticket, and the reason for needing more time. The Immigration Office will approve or deny the request.

You will need your ARC card for just about everything in Korea such as getting mobile phone service, opening bank accounts, etc., so it is extremely important to apply for this card as soon as possible. If you lose it, you must apply for a new one at the Immigration Office as soon as possible as well. Even if you move housing, for example, from the dormitory to an apartment (or vice versa), you must also submit your address change to the Immigration within two weeks of moving. If you do not, you will be fined by the Immigration Office.

Starting March 2021, you will be automatically enrolled in the NHIC (national health insurance program) when you register for your ARC. You will need to apply for exemption if you do not wish to pay the premiums and you are staying in Korea for 4 months or less.